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We are all faced with drainage problems at one point in time or the other and these challenges not only present disruptions to our lives and severe inconveniences, but also health risks.

Most of the time the drainage problems are a result of poor construction or obsolete materials. They present themselves in different places; sinks, drain pipes, and sewers, leaving you frustrated.

They could also be as a result of your operations which you may not realize. The hard truth is that it is not easy to find an affordable, highly professional drainage company to take care of these problems as quickly and as efficiently as you would like.

It is in response to the needs of UK homes and homeowners for the services of a professional drainage company that truly cares, that our company was established.

WHO WE ARE - Drain flow uk

Drain Flow UK is a privately-owned, independent company operated by a team of concerned professionals who want to meet the drainage needs of every UK home.

OUR CORE VALUES - Drain flow uk

Our philosophy is based on integrity, professionalism and true service. We never forget the very purpose we were established for, no matter how big we become.


Although we partner with different high quality equipment makers to bring you the best drainage service at affordable costs, we believe that our most important partner is you.

Unrivalled Transparency

When we come to inspect your drain, we show you what we find. When we decide on the best methods to fix the problem, we explain our reason to you. When we have finished the work, we show you what we have done.

Our billing is based solely on the actual drainage work we have done. We do not charge for callouts, pre-service inspection or post-service inspection. And that is not because we want to compete. It is simply because we believe that these things are a core part of our responsibility and service to you.

We do not hide anything behind technical jargon, nor are we impatient with your questions. We are ordinary people who understand your right to know what happened to your drain, why it happened, what needs to be done and what you are paying for.

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What a Service! Thanks, You save my day.

Abraham from Manchester

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Drain Flow UK is Registered in England and Wales. Its Company Number is 12071396.